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FLUENTIS believes in cooperation. We are constantly looking for the best partners, experienced specialists in education.


FLUENTIS is the only agreed partner of The Pyramid Group, the international provider of specialist English courses, headquartered in The UK and Germany and now operating throughout Europe, North Africa, the Gulf States, Brazil, Argentina, Southern Africa as well as serving the Eastern European and Romanian market through its recently-founded Bucharest office.


We are proud to be members of the European Democratic Education Community.


Cristina Dogarel, the manager of FLUENTIS, is a member of the Association of International Education Consultants.

Courses for children and teenagers


They say children are like sponges, they will absorb knowledge quickly and in huge quantities. Learning a foreign language (or more) is easiest when you are young, especially if you have the chance to do this directly and totally in that respective language, together with other learners your age, in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere, having fun all along.
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Courses for adult learners


Whether you need to draft your CV, get ready for a trip abroad, or improve your career chances, FLUENTIS can help you achieve your goals.

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