After more than 15 years of teaching experience in public and private educational institutions both in Romania and abroad, we have decided to get even more involved and influence the way our children and ourselves, as adults, learn.

Our team

Cristina Dogarel is Managing Partner of Fluentis Vision Language School and has over 14 years of teaching and education management achievements.

Cristina has a Bachelor’s degree in Languages, a Master’s Degree in International Law and European legislation from the Police Academy in Bucharest, as well as a renowned Cambridge ESOL qualification and teacher training certificate with the British Council. Cristina has developed a successful track record of delivering quality, cost-effective learning solutions from a breath of cultural and prior learning backgrounds, in conjunction with a sound experience of producing engaging courses. She is also a member of The Association of International Education Consultants. From this position, Cristina supported various Romanian professionals to improve their communication skills in legal, medical, financial or business English.

FLUENTIS team has been trained by and learned from the best: our trainers participated in international projects with The British Council where, together with peers from other countries, they contributed to promoting English as the lingua franca for business and cross-border cooperation.

Our results

More than 200 course participants (middle and upper management personnel from Justice and Home Affairs ministries in all EU countries) appreciated our teaching methods and activities as attractive, interactive and effective, while being aware of the multicultural diversity of the target group.

Working at Berlitz, the oldest and most famous American corporation providing foreign languages courses, has given us the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and to practice the "direct" method (total immersion in the target language), while benefiting from the cultural exchange with the course participants (business people or management personnel with the most important companies operating in the Asian market - Singapore (e.g.Procter&Gamble, Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank, Panasonic, Sumitomo Chemicals, etc).

All these recommend FLUENTIS as a valuable and experienced partner you can rely on for quality services, adapted to your needs.

Our values

Everybody is different, hence each individual has a different learning style. Therefore FLUENTIS develops and evaluates learning needs analyses for all our clients, to identify their particular preferences or needs, which enables us to adapt and adjust our resources and teaching methods to better satisfy the diverse styles.

Wanting to learn is not enough, nor is it easy to choose what to learn. This is why FLUENTIS focuses on quality of educational programmes, on guiding the participants to make the appropriate choice for them, at the right level. To meet this objective we provide our clients with human and material resources that have been tested, and proved to be effective.

We believe that careful, permanent monitoring of the learning process, including all people involved in it, teachers, course participants, is the prerequisite for improvements in the quality of the services provided, as well as the confirmation of all our efforts to achieve our learning goals.

Courses for children and teenagers


They say children are like sponges, they will absorb knowledge quickly and in huge quantities. Learning a foreign language (or more) is easiest when you are young, especially if you have the chance to do this directly and totally in that respective language, together with other learners your age, in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere, having fun all along.
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Courses for adult learners


Whether you need to draft your CV, get ready for a trip abroad, or improve your career chances, FLUENTIS can help you achieve your goals.

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