They say that „True learning starts when school finishes.” We want to build a bridge to all your learning experiences in school by providing you with a different approach to learning, meant to support every individual to gain progress both emotionally, and academically.


Our standard, but dynamic offer includes:

• Foreign languages courses

• Romanian for foreigners courses

• Personal development workshops

• Art classes

• Interactive online communication

• Educational events

• Proofreading

• Translations and interpreting

Courses for children and teenagers


They say children are like sponges, they will absorb knowledge quickly and in huge quantities. Learning a foreign language (or more) is easiest when you are young, especially if you have the chance to do this directly and totally in that respective language, together with other learners your age, in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere, having fun all along.
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Courses for adult learners


Whether you need to draft your CV, get ready for a trip abroad, or improve your career chances, FLUENTIS can help you achieve your goals.

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