Whether you need to draft your CV, get ready for a trip abroad, or improve your career chances, FLUENTIS can help you achieve your goals. By using the total immersion in the target language, focusing 80% on speaking and listening activities, we guarantee a natural and effective method to learn or improve in any foreign language. Even complete beginners start using the language after just a few sessions.

Courses can take place at our venue, one-to one or in small groups, or you can choose your preferred location. To better suit your schedule and enable you to learn in the comfort of your office or home, we also provide online courses, or blended learning.

Our current offer includes:

• General English

• Business English

• Legal English

• English for Healthcare Professionals

• Insurance English

• Banking & Financial English

• Preparation for English Language Exams (IELTS, UBELT, Cambridge, TOLES, Etc)

• French

• German

• Spanish


Personal and professional development courses

FLUENTIS provides a wide variety of learning programmes developed to improve your personal and professional communication skills. Our specialised English courses are targeted at multinational companies’ personnel and people living in a multicultural environment.

We can adapt the contents of these courses to your immediate or long term needs, as well as their structure: intensive, in modules or ongoing.

Regardless of your preferred training channel, face-to-face  or the online version, you can expect attractive, updated course books, based on tested teaching methods, to ensure a motivating and interactive learning experience.

Our integrated training method adds soft-skills training to the language practice, focusing on specific activities aimed at developing and improving the inter-personal communication skills.

Current courses on offer include:

• Language of Meetings

• Public Speaking

• International Etiquette

• Negotiation Techniques

• Multicultural awareness

• Team building and communicationadulti2.jpg

Courses for children and teenagers


They say children are like sponges, they will absorb knowledge quickly and in huge quantities. Learning a foreign language (or more) is easiest when you are young, especially if you have the chance to do this directly and totally in that respective language, together with other learners your age, in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere, having fun all along.
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Courses for adult learners


Whether you need to draft your CV, get ready for a trip abroad, or improve your career chances, FLUENTIS can help you achieve your goals.

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