After more than 15 years of teaching experience in public and private educational institutions both in Romania and abroad, we have decided to get even more involved and influence the way our children and ourselves, as adults, learn.

Fluentis learning centre is the perfect choice for professional and dedicated trainers, modern teaching methods, flexibility and courses tailor-made to your personal and professional needs. 

Our offer

Fluentis offers foreign language training and personal development courses, regardless of age and field, covering a wide range of communication needs.

Fluentis aims to support the development of professionals in different areas through specialized English courses for the following areas: legal, business, banking, technical and medical.

Fluentis provides integrated educational sessions, effectively combining the theoretical and practical aspects, based on your needs for learning and communication.

Fluentis uses modern teaching methods including interactive workshops, case studies, online applications, team work etc.

Why choose Fluentis

• We are a team of internationally certified professionals trained in teaching English and experienced in law, business and communication;
• We are open to suggestions and flexible in every aspect regarding course structure, program, learning needs, by providing patience, motivation and seriousness;
• We continuously adapt ours course content for immediate application and we are always trying new teaching styles;
• We have efficient teaching methods and materials, demonstrated by the positive feedback received from participants in our courses;
• We watch closely the progress of each participant, to guide him in order to achieve his learning objectives.








Courses for children and teenagers


They say children are like sponges, they will absorb knowledge quickly and in huge quantities. Learning a foreign language (or more) is easiest when you are young, especially if you have the chance to do this directly and totally in that respective language, together with other learners your age, in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere, having fun all along.
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Courses for adult learners


Whether you need to draft your CV, get ready for a trip abroad, or improve your career chances, FLUENTIS can help you achieve your goals.

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